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NextCellent uses templates to display and render images, galleries and albums. You can easily use and extend these templates to make your own template, adapting NextCellent to virtually any theme. This page attempts to list all available templates.

Default templates

These templates are in the view (wp-content/plugins/nextcellent-gallery/view/) folder:

  • album-compact.php
  • album-extend.php
  • gallery.php
  • gallery-caption.php
  • gallery-carousel.php
  • imagebrowser.php
  • imagebrowser-caption.php
  • imagebrowser-exif.php
  • singlepic.php

The source code of all these templates can be found on BitBucket.

Third-party templates

There are third-party templates available as well. Note that NextCellent isn’t responsible if these don’t work.