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Helping out
Maintaining a plugin is a lot of work. And we do it for free. That's why we always appreciate a bit of help! Don't worry, you don't have to a developer to help out. Bellow are some things you can do to help out. <h2>Translating</h2> To ensure everyone can use NextCellent in the language he wishes, we need to translate it all languages. So, if your fluent enough in English and your native language, feel free to translate! Here's how: <ol> <li>Check if your language file exists <a title="Language files" href="">here</a>. If it does, download that file. If there is no file, <a title="The file" href="">download the latest pot file from the repository.</a></li> <li>Start translating. For more information on tools, and how-to, read follow <a title="Tools" href="">this page</a>.</li> <li>When the translation's ready, make a post on the <a title="Support forum" href="">support forum</a>, or if you're able to, make a pull request on the <a title="The repository" href="">repository</a>.</li> </ol> <h2>Reporting bugs and giving ideas</h2> We're only human, so we can't think of everything ourselves. That's were you come in! Have a great idea, or just spotted an annoying issue? Report it! Reporting bugs and requesting new features happens on the <a title="Forum" href="">forum</a>. If the issue gets resolved, don't forget to mark it accordingly. <h2>Fixing bugs and reporting ideas</h2> If you have some knowledge about PHP, WordPress, HTML and/or JavaScript, you can always opt to fix bugs yourself or add a new feature yourself. Follow these steps to do so: <ol> <li>Fork the <a title="" href="">repository</a>.</li> <li>Start developing.</li> <li>Make a pull request. Please make sure you've tested your fix or feature thoroughly. NextCellent works with images, which can sometimes be unpredictable, so make sure you've checked every possibility. Of course, if you've got an awesome new feature, but it just doesn't work in one scenario, feel free to ask if we want to take a look.</li> </ol>

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