The slideshow Shortcode

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The slideshow Shortcode
[slideshow id=2/] This shortcode is used to show a slideshow of the images in a gallery.shows just one single image. The basic shortcode is: <ul> <li>[[slideshow id='16']]</li> </ul> <h3>Parameters</h3> The <strong>slideshow </strong>shortcode supports a few parameters. This is an example containing all possible parameters and values: <ul> <li>[[slideshow id='123' w='200' h='300']]</li> </ul> Parameters (except for id, all parameters are optional) <ul> <li><strong>id</strong>: image id</li> <li><strong>w</strong>: image width (in pixels)</li> <li><strong>h</strong>: image height (in pixels)</li> </ul> Note that a lot of the settings for the slideshow are set on the Settings page from the plugin, such as: <ul> <li><strong>Default size: </strong>this is the size of the slideshow if the <strong>w</strong> and/or <strong>h</strong> parameters are not defined</li> <li><strong>Duration:</strong> how long every image will be displayed</li> <li><strong>Transition / fade effect:</strong> the effect used to go to the next image</li> </ul> <h3>JW Image Rotator</h3> By default, the slideshow uses a jQuery plugin called Cycle. However, if you happen to have access to version 3.17 of the JW Image Rotator, you can use that as well. This has following options (these options are self-explanatory): <ul> <li>Enable flash slideshow</li> <li>Path to the JW Image Rotator (URL)</li> <li>Shuffle mode</li> <li>Show next image on click</li> <li>Show navigation bar</li> <li>Show loading icon</li> <li>Use watermark logo</li> <li>Stretch image</li> <li>Transition / Fade effect</li> <li>Use slow zooming effect</li> <li>Background Color</li> <li>Texts / Buttons Color</li> <li>Rollover / Active Color</li> <li>Screen Color</li> <li>Background music (URL)</li> <li>Try XHTML validation (with CDATA)</li> </ul> Do take into account that the JW Image Rotator only works on Flash-enabled devices (this doesn't include most mobile devices).

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