The singlepic Shortcode

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The singlepic Shortcode
[singlepic id=16/] This shortcode shows just one single image. This page contains all different options this shortcode supports (a lot). In its most simple form it will look like: <ul> <li>[[singlepic id='16'/]]</li> </ul> If the image is missing, (i.e. you used an incorrect id by accident), <strong>[SinglePic not found]</strong> will be displayed. As you can see, this page closes all shortcodes. This is required to use multiple on the same page. <h3>Basic parameters</h3> The <strong>singlepic </strong>shortcode has plenty of parameters to control the image output, most of them are optional. This is an example containing all possible parameters and values: <ul> <li>[[singlepic id='123' w='200' h='300' mode='watermark|web20|crop' float='left|right|center' link='' template='my-personal-template'/]]</li> </ul> and also <ul> <li>[[singlepic id='123' w='200' h='300' mode='watermark|web20|crop' float='left|right|center' link='' template='my-personal-template'] <strong>This is an additional caption</strong> [/singlepic]]</li> </ul> Parameters (except for id, all parameters are optional) <ul> <li><strong>id</strong>: image id</li> <li><strong>w</strong>: image width (in pixels)</li> <li><strong>h</strong>: image height (in pixels)</li> <li><strong>mode:</strong> <ul> <li><strong>watermark</strong>: display watermark over the image. See watermark options (documentation in construction)</li> <li><strong>web20</strong>: makes a nice reflection in realtime of the image. Currently, this effect is hardcoded and cannot be parametrized (version 1.9.18)</li> <li><strong>crop</strong>: crop the image (documentation in progress)</li> </ul> </li> <li><strong>float</strong>: centers the image on the post to <strong>left, right </strong>or <strong>center</strong></li> <li><strong>link</strong>: allow link the image to an url if provided.</li> <li><strong>template</strong>: see <a title="Templates" href="">template</a> documentation.</li> </ul> A caption can be included by using [[singlepic id='10'] <strong>put the caption here </strong>[/singlepic]].

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