The singlepic Shortcode

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Man walking into debris This shortcode shows just one single image. This page contains all different options this shortcode supports (a lot). In its most simple form it will look like:

  • [singlepic id='16'/]

If the image is missing, (i.e. you used an incorrect id by accident), [SinglePic not found] will be displayed.

As you can see, this page closes all shortcodes. This is required to use multiple on the same page.

Basic parameters

The singlepic shortcode has plenty of parameters to control the image output, most of them are optional.

This is an example containing all possible parameters and values:

  • [singlepic id='123' w='200' h='300' mode='watermark|web20|crop' float='left|right|center' link='' template='my-personal-template'/]

and also

  • [singlepic id='123' w='200' h='300' mode='watermark|web20|crop' float='left|right|center' link='' template='my-personal-template'] This is an additional caption [/singlepic]

Parameters (except for id, all parameters are optional)

  • id: image id
  • w: image width (in pixels)
  • h: image height (in pixels)
  • mode:
    • watermark: display watermark over the image. See watermark options (documentation in construction)
    • web20: makes a nice reflection in realtime of the image. Currently, this effect is hardcoded and cannot be parametrized (version 1.9.18)
    • crop: crop the image (documentation in progress)
  • float: centers the image on the post to left, right or center
  • link: allow link the image to an url if provided.
  • template: see template documentation.

A caption can be included by using [singlepic id='10'] put the caption here [/singlepic].