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NextCellent comes with a few shortcodes. A list of all shortcodes with display examples is available here.

Supported shortcodes

Following shortcodes are supported by NextCellent:

Using shortcodes

Parameters and quotes

Notice these shortcodes are the same thing (and work the same):

  • [singlepic id=10] (accepted way)
  • [singlepic id='10'] (better way)
  • [singlepic id="10"] (better way)
  • [singlepic id="10"/] (best way)

It is recommended to enclose parameter values with single ( ‘ ‘ ) or double ( ” ” ) quotes.

The ‘/’ closing bracket is optional, but the closing bracket is highly recommended if you are going to use many shortcodes in the same page / post. WordPress easily gets confused with the shortcodes, especially if you accidentally left a space between brackets and shortcode names.

Casing with shortcodes

  • [Singlepic id=”10″] won’t work. Shortcode names are case-sensitive. All NextCellent shortcodes are lower case.
  • [singlepic ID="10"] will work. Parameters are not case-sensitive. It is recommended however to still use lower case.

Different values are separated by vertical bar

On this wiki, different options are separated by ‘|‘, for example:

  • [singlepic id=123 float='left|right|center']

This means the float parameter can have the following values: left, right, center or an empty value (float=””). All other values won’t have any effect and will be equal to an empty value.

Except the id parameter, all other parameters are optional. Not adding a parameter is equal to an empty value, and then the default value is used.