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NextCellent Plugin
<h2>Welcome</h2> To the NextCellent Wiki. This wiki aims to provide users and developers with the necessary information to use NextCellent. If you're looking for quick help, consult a guide from this page: <ul> <li><a title="Q &amp; A" href="">Guides and FAQ</a></li> </ul> Otherwise you can choose from: <ul> <li><a title="Shortcodes" href="">Shortcodes</a></li> <li><a title="Templates" href="">Templates</a></li> <li><a title="Compatibility list for plugins" href="">Plugin compatability</a></li> <li><a title="Known Bugs" href="">Known bugs</a></li> <li><a title="Nextcellent Filter List" href="">Filter list</a> (developer resource)</li> </ul> We can always use help! Help us by reporting bugs, translating or submitting patches. Take a look <a title="Helping out" href="">here</a>. <h2>What is NextCellent?</h2> NextCellent is a gallery plugin for the popular blogging platform WordPress. The plugin is used by professional photographers and normal users alike, and aims to give WordPress users a good way of managing pictures, galleries, and albums. <h3>A little history</h3> In July 2013, the popular NextGEN Gallery received a major update to version 2.0. This version was a complete overhaul of the plugin. The entire code was rewritten using a self-made, and largely undocumented PHP framework called Pope. While all these changes made some new features possible, it came at a cost: no backwards compatibility with plugins, and lots of bugs. Lots of them. So much, they even had to release a letter to excuse themselves (<a title="Letter" href="">here</a>). Fortunately, NextGEN is open source. This is when NextCellent comes in. NextCellent is based on the legacy code from NextGEN 1.9.13. We will continue maintaining this fork of NextGEN, because we don't believe in a few choices made by Photocrati (the guys making NextGEN). TL;DR: NextCellent is an attempt to bring back the old plugin, as an alternative for the current NextGEN. <h2>Features</h2> Here's a list of features: <h3>Compatibility</h3> As of writing this (July 2014), NextCellent and NextGEN share the database. This means you can switch between the plugins without much hassle. And if you ever have both installed and active at the same time, NextCellent will deactivate itself! To get started, just install NextCellent! If you're switching from NextGEN, read the <a title="The FAQ" href="">FAQ</a>. <h3>Upload Galleries</h3> Our WordPress gallery plugin offers diverse and powerful functionality for getting images from your desktop to your website. You can upload using: <ul> <li>The standard WordPress uploader</li> <li>A basic browser uploader</li> <li>FTP</li> <li>ZIP files</li> </ul> NextCellent will import existing metadata, no problem! <h3>Manage Galleries</h3> <ul> <li><strong>Centralized gallery management.</strong> Enjoy a single location where you can see and manage all your galleries.</li> <li><strong>Edit galleries.</strong> Add or exclude images, change gallery title and description, reorder images, re-size thumbnails.</li> <li><strong>Thumbnail management.</strong> Turn thumbnail cropping on and off, customize how individual thumbnails are cropped, and bulk re-size thumbnails across one or more galleries.</li> <li><strong>Edit individual images.</strong> Edit meta data and image tags, rotate images, and exclude images. Even edit the upload date.</li> <li><strong>Watermarks.</strong> Quickly add watermarks to batches or galleries of images.</li> <li><strong>Albums.</strong> Create and organize collections of galleries, and display them in either compact or extended format.</li> <li><strong>Tags. </strong>Add tags to one image, or all images. Add multiple tags.</li> </ul> <h3>Display Galleries</h3> Choose how you want to display your galleries: <ul> <li><strong>Slideshow.</strong> Choose from a vast array of options for slideshows, including slideshow size, transition style, speed, image order, and optional navigation bar. (<a title="The slideshow Shortcode" href="">more information</a>)</li> <li><strong>Thumbnail.</strong> Choose from a wide range of options to customize thumbnail galleries, including 5 different lightboxes for individual images, optional thumbnail cropping and editing, thumbnail styles, captions, and more. (<a title="The nggallery Shortcode" href="">more information</a>)</li> <li><strong>Single image.</strong> Display and format single images. WordPress integration is included: choose NextCellent images with the media button. (<a title="The singlepic Shortcode" href="">more information</a>)</li> <li><strong>Albums.</strong> Display images from an album. (wiki coming soon)</li> <li><strong>Tags.</strong> Make dynamic galleries based on the tags. (wiki coming soon)</li> </ul> Don't like these display types? Add more yourself using <a title="Templates" href="">templates</a>. If that much customization isn't necessary, use a different <a title="CSS Override: keeping changes between updates" href="">theme</a>. <h3>Plugins and extensions</h3> NextGEN has been the dominant WordPress gallery plugin for years. As a result, there is large and great community of users and developers, as well as a large number of dedicated extension plugins.  Since NextCellent is based on NextGEN, all those plugins should work with NextCellent too. Sometimes a little bit of work is needed to optimize compatibility. A list of checked plugins is available <a title="Compatibility list for plugins" href="">here</a>. If you still need help, check out the <a title="Guides and FAQ" href="">help page</a>.

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