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  • Let me start off by saying thank you soo much for making this plugin. :D I have some feedback that I feel would help make this plugin better. The "Media RSS" 3 things here will make it better .1 Clean this up & let us use a slug as well as have it setup so the old URL will 301 to the new URL slug. Makes for better SEO & does not give away what plugin we are using for if someone does find a hack for this plugin. the first thing they will do is go to Google type in inurl:/xml/media-rss.php or inurl:/nextcellent-gallery-nextgen-legacy/xml/media-rss.php I work in IT Security. also add a setting so we can set how many images will be in the RSS feed. they added that in the new NextGEN, I can remember trying to get the old dev's to add it way back, they never did & I ended up having to edit files. .2 "Gallery slug" the Gallery slug does this "/photo-gallery/nggallery/photos/e-tard-photos/" photo-gallery=Name of the page, nggallery=Default Gallery slug, e-tard-photos=Name of gallery. So what's with the "/photos/" it needs to go so I don't end up with a long URL, make for better SEO. .3 "PicLens" don't know if this is bug with the plugin or not but the PicLens comes up but no photos load up. I'm running IE11 win7, I need to look over some logs to see what's going on here. but I like PicLens.

  • Hi I have been using NextCellent Gallery plug in and no problems. Easy to use. Now it does not work anymore. I click the button and it only opens to a blank box. I've asked Bluehost for support and looked for the developer but there's no help for the problem. I prefer not to use another plug-in and don't know if it is safe top delete the NextCellent plug to replace it anyway. At the moment I have two NextCellent plug-ins installed and neither works. I only active one of them at a time. Where do I go from here to get a plug in for my galleries that works?

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