Day 0061 – Nextcellent 1.9.20

by admin, 2014/06/23

Nextcellent 1.9.20 fixes few issues, bringing nggtag back to life. Other small changes included refactoring and adding unit testing to any new solved issue. Download from the repository & enjoy!

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Day 0059 – WP-FileManager

by admin, 2014/06/19

WP-FileManager is an useful plugin to handle files on WP sites. I came across the same question I was asking myself: how allow other user levels to display files? I inspected the plugin a little to find a proper answer. The following examples enable suscribers-level to access WP-FileManager main page. Drop … Continue reading

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Day 0051 – TDD

by admin, 2014/06/11

Just don’t tell me that after working with test cases, that TDD isn’t a good idea… Ok, it takes more work, but it also allows you to write better code.

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Day 0046 – Unit Tests

by admin, 2014/06/03

Although few simple patches would solve some issues, Nextcellent needs to be improved in some ways. Here is a rule:  Never ever launch a feature without having a test to check it. We need to deliver a stable plugin, not a hacked one. Otherwise, users will be paying its precious … Continue reading

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Day 0045 – NextCellent Gallery Search

by admin, 2014/06/02

Mr. LoveBucket just published the NextCellent Gallery Search plugin  adding the ability for searching through galleries.  Few months ago I made a custom plugin (not yet published) doing the same thing for a client, so I think it would be a good idea merging ideas and see where it goes. … Continue reading

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