A Proper Unit Testing can be hard…

by admin, 2015/01/14

While new improvements to Nextcellent keep coming, (Niko Strijbol is working on a beta right now) it is challenging to test every aspect to keep the plugin working. NextGen code was never thought to be tested. Most of the code seems to be born with a simple premise: if it … Continue reading

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Nextcellent 1.9.21 just launched. Here are the news

by admin, 2014/09/15

Hi everybody. Nextcellent is rolling out 1.9.21 and it’s celebrating a year few days ago. I want to thank all the users supporting the plugin and for contributing to expand it day by day. This release is based mostly on work of Niko Strijbol  so we owe a great deal to … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday NextCellent!

by admin, 2014/09/11

1 YEAR DOWNLOADS THANK YOU   Wow, one year passed and Nextcellent surpassed 100k downloads… I believe there are other who deserve the credits. I just brought back a plugin from its death and made it work again.  From time to time I tweak some things, improve others, merge the … Continue reading

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Nextcellent, AdSense, Browsing & More

by admin, 2014/09/09

Recently I have an interesting question I’d like to share with you: Actually, this is easy to do, but I found documentation is rather poor and I have to work hard on that. Summary If you activate ImageBrowser Option (Galleries->Settings->Gallery->ImageBrowser): The following things are going to happen: You’ll  set all … Continue reading

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Day 0061 – Nextcellent 1.9.20

by admin, 2014/06/23

Nextcellent 1.9.20 fixes few issues, bringing nggtag back to life. Other small changes included refactoring and adding unit testing to any new solved issue. Download from the repository & enjoy!

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