Shortest way to add a favicon on your siteLa manera más corta de agregar un favicon al sitio

by admin, 2010/11/25

Drop this code in functions.php: /* name: Favicon Action author: FZSM url: description: shortest way to add favicon to your site */ function tabs_favicons() { ?> <link rel="shortcut icon" href="<?php echo bloginfo('stylesheet_directory') ?>/images/favicon.ico"> <?php } add_action('wp_head', 'tabs_favicons'); You can create favicon.ico with  IcoFx for example and it has to … Continue reading

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Como poner música MP3 dependiendo de una página

by admin, 2010/11/24

I have a client who asked me something very particular: He wanted  a site with music in some pages. This is easy to solve. Also, The customer wanted to hear some pages different songs in different pages The customer wanted the music to start automatically when you open a page … Continue reading

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Tip: Agregando un header a una entrada

by admin, 2010/11/22

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Clone Freemium – Child Theme for Thematic based on Freemium

by admin, 2010/02/24

In my previous post I was commenting about how to convert a WordPress Theme into a Child theme. ‘Child’ sounds like underpowered to me but I think I have to see it more as ‘young’ because a child theme could be extremely powerful, something what I will try to demonstrate … Continue reading

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How To convert your WordPress Theme to a Framework Child Theme

by admin, 2010/02/23

Let's face it: build a theme from scratch could be hard. Lucky of us, we have Theme Frameworks... and life will be really easy right?. Oh, well...sort of. I think that build a theme inside a framework, any framework could be a headache. Well, for me it is. Consider more variables and more options when designing a new theme isn't help me at all. I have to divide the effort in two different ways, one for designing, one for taking care of the framework...

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