Nextcellent Logo

by admin, 2015/02/28

So I was looking for some plugins and I was wondering how many of them didn’t have a proper logo… like Nextcellent (!gulp). After some back and forth I decided to play a bit with Inkscape (I love this wonderful program to make simple svg files, however if you get … Continue reading

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Changes on Plugins Directory.

by admin, 2015/02/28

After reading about improvements on plugin ratings , today I found the Plugin Directory changed significatively, displaying new information and also different options. It seems there is a decision to give more value to active plugin installation over number of plugin downloads (which now is on the stats page). I … Continue reading

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Nextcellent released

by admin, 2015/02/22

Last (and I hope final) round of fixes correcting few problems: An issue breaking other plugins (like Yoast SEO) affecting also thumbnail operations. An issue affecting Ajax pagination (again). Tested and fixed. This version was tested with the last WP version available (currently 4.1.1). I’m betting there will be a … Continue reading

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by admin, 2015/02/20

In few days we’ll release, to address last fixes for the current  (somewhat troubled) 1.9.25 version. To 1.9.26 there are few news: one is an improvement for Watermark and autocomplete (due thanks Niko Strijbol). There is another improvement under way, which it will need beta testing: Nextcellent addons. We … Continue reading

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Nextcellent is here

by admin, 2015/02/07

After stumbing with several issues,  a second round of fixes is launched. I took special care on this round. We are making more and more complex decisions and diversifying our development. One beta there, a branch here, (didn’t I mention I also have few other branches open locally? ) , … Continue reading

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