Nextcellent 1.9.33: resuming from pause

It there’s been a while since I left Nextcellent almost unsupported, and many things happened in between. My apologies for that. So I decided to make this plugin available again since repository took it down for vulnerabilities problems. In an attempt to make it available, a 1.9.32 was released, but this version resulted with many flaws. After a thoroughly revision, the plugin had many issues mostly due legacy: spaghetti code , bad or absent support for new PHP versions, obsolete programming. Even the developers who contributed made the plugin working again, a deep restructuring is still in the works.

Today I’m releasing Nextcellent 1.9.33 , which fixes most of the problems from the previous version, and also fixes some more. Few bugs were VERY hard to squash, and some others were made when trying to improve security.

What I’m trying currently is simplify the plugin as much as possible. Few things were dropped in the path, as for example Flash support (swfUpload and the Flash rotator). The other target is making all the code object oriented, dropping all problems related with older code. The good side is there is a major effort which it was reflected some versions ago (1.9.29- 1.9.30) making a major internal improvement. This translate in a simple, faster and a resource-savvy plugin.

So there you have it. This version should work better and smoother. But I cannot promise the world yet. Surely you find some more issues. What I can promise is I’ll be here to sort it all the issues from here.








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