Nextcellent 1.9.27 is out!

After several, several months we are publishing a new Nextcellent version. And when I’m saying ‘we’ I’m referring
also Niko Strijbol which carried much of the job, fixing issues , refining code and making improvements.
From this version I’m including Niko as a Nextcellent author, a position he rightly earned.

Test process just sucks

From some time i was reluctant to publish new Nextcellent versions. Don’t get me wrong, I love to improve the plugin and give the features you are requesting. However, testing was so hard that I hardly have time to make room for a proper publication.

To get an idea these were the steps I covered before publishing a new Nextcellent version

  • Consolidate the fixes in Bitbucket.
  • Deploy plugin to a several WP locations (with Debug On) and make sure plugin is working in each one.
  • Check plugin is working in latest WP version and also older WP version where Nextcellent is supported
  • Check every fix is working as expected
  • Document every fix
  • Run unit tests and check they are working.
  • Publish latest version in bitbucket
  • Run visual test to make sure all shortcodes , albums, pictures and galleries are working fine.
  • Deploy to local subversion repository to check changes among older Nextcellent version and make sure anything is missed.
  • Deploy to
  • Deploy Nextcellent branch to keep versions in order.
  • Update documentation is appropiate
  • Idem Wiki
  • Publish a post if possible.

What I did is to be focused improving the publishing process, simplifying it as much as possible.
It takes a while from start to finish (about 1 – 2 hours) and If there is a problem (usually, there is) the version is delayed until problem is fixed. Then I start over.

Luckily, I’ve managed to compress many of this tasks and automatize several of them. What it took hours (or days eventually) now can be squeezed to few minutes, an hour If I’m lucky.
The target is to be ready within a minute, however some task can’t be automatized, specially where visual approval are needed.

That strictly mean for you that publishing won’t be a pain in the ass any more and we can continue publishing a new version every now and then.

1.9.30 is coming

Nextcellent 1.9.27 is the prelude for the next version. 1.9.30, where Niko has a relevant role to make it real.

The reason we jumped two digits (from 1.9.27 to 1.9.30) is because Nextcellent 1.9.30 is a total rewrite of current base code, with better code practices, completely OOP coded and suppressing several sections of spaghuetti badly inherited from older NextGen code.

1.9.30 will will be ready by the end of October , and before that it will be available for download on bitbucket for personal testing. We’ll let you know.

More Credits

I found that I miss at least two additional credits from people who contributed worth to mention:

Bios4 provided also German translation and also Etard the Live Caster which found a XSS vulnerability. Both of them will be included in the corrected credits
next version.

Thanks everyone for your support!

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  • hi, great to have nextgen furhter developed, than you!:) i want to have thumb galleries wich have all the same height but proportional width, no matter what i'm trying, alway different heights show up and so the row wrap doesn't work... pls see here, when making browser window small, bad thumb stairs show up: could you please help on this? would be very nice. thanks in advance!:) h.

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