Nextcellent Reference Guide is coming…


The Nextcellent Reference Guide will be covering the basics, not-so-basics and in-deep tips for Nextcellent plugin. It is an interesting work, which took me to review the plugin from cover to cover. There are a LOT of topics covered, a LOT of details (currently undocumented) coming to the lights, and LOT of things definitively to be improved.

This first edition is reaching 110 pages, covering many things currently hidden, undocumented or relatively unknown. Nextcellent users will have (for very first time), a real reference guide in case of doubt.

Following the Reference Guide, there should be at least three other ebooks following although I don’t have a certain date for their release: the Nextcellent Programmer’s Guide covering the plugin programming in detail, the 100 things you can do with Nextcellent which is collection of best code maximizing the potential of this plugin and finally Nextcellent compatibility list, which it will be a list of compatible plugins and workarounds to make Nextcellent work with most popular plugins.

What we trying to accomplish is to create something for the community. We’re seeing too many questions because there are too many undocumented behaviors. Our path currently is making the plugin:

  • As simple as possible. I don’t believe too much about ‘intuitive’ concepts. I’d like to make Nextcellent working in a way is ‘obvious’ and well documented, keeping it very light without loosing functionality.
  • Extendable. Currently Nextcellent provides ways to extend it, but the attempts were isolated or incomplete. We are working in a way to extend the plugin beyond its primary efforts.
  • Decoupled. This Reference Guide First Edition taught me that Nextcellent code is plagued on dependencies with other plugins… ‘if that plugin is installed, do that, and if that plugin it is also, do that too’.  I found many places with dead code waiting for some plugin to be installed.

Are you using Nextcellent?  help wanted

I know you know you’re busy. But I also know there are better minds out there. I know you have an idea to improve the plugin. Or maybe not, but could you help us? Can you make a little contribution to the community?

What I’m asking:

  • People capable of reviewing the ebook, and willing to make suggestions and also corrections. The First 5 persons who take the time for reviewing the book in a serious way, will be also included in the credits.
  • Contributions with code examples for current hooks & actions.
  • How do you use the gallery in your site? How did you customize it?
  • Make improvement suggestions (and code, if they can)
  • Make donations.
  • Rate the plugin!

Get involved and make the difference. Just start making contact

Thank you.




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  • I am trying to find a way to embed a gallery in a page. Can you tell me where I can find a shortcode for this? Thank you for your time. I hope this works for me because I like your plugin.

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