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So I was looking for some plugins and I was wondering how many of them didn’t have a proper logo… like Nextcellent (!gulp).

After some back and forth I decided to play a bit with Inkscape (I love this wonderful program to make simple svg files, however if you get really serious you should consider Adobe Illustrator , another graphic beast). Not a graphic masterpiece, but if you have a eye for graphical art, send me an improvement , a variation or an alternative, and I will consider to change it.



Thanks to to the info of wpTavern

Interesting to know reading the comments that also plugin search won’t show plugins with 2 or more years without update, and also be aware that allows mass update sites with several plugins at once.


  • OK, I'll work on something because NCG deserves a cool logo. First thing is to look at the current color and design trends, which is called "flat." Although, I believe (and hate) that Apple Yosemite took the trend to the edge, over and off... looks like a kids game. Others like Android so a pretty good job, also many websites are following this design trend. The only thing your logo does that is not considered "flat" is the gradient. Anyway... As with all logo design I ask a few simple questions. Is there a main color you prefer? Is there a certain image or element that's a must have in the design? Is there a size requirement needed, such as a size for WP Admin then another variation for the website/branding? And anything else that might be important. Chris

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    • March 6, 2015

    Hi Chris, the logo is trying to resemble a familiar icon picture with mountains and the sun (or moon) in the sky. The only elements I consider relevant is the 'N' and the 'x' suggested on the image. However I'm not very happy with the abreviation (Nx), so I'm open to suggestions, maybe NCG would be a better choice. Everything else, included the gradient can be changed. The other thing is the design should be a SVG graphic, because is how in the Wordpress repository looks best. If you want I can give you the current design. Since we are currently making an Ebook about Nextcellent (the Reference Guide) the designer who send the better design will be on the front on the ebook, with the correspondent credit.

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