Fix is coming within few days…



I know, I know… we just released a fix just yesterday, but while issues keep coming, we have to deal with them.

A proposed Second fix is due for Feb 6th. which will be which it will be solving the following problems:

Conflict with other plugins:

Breaking tabs and accordions:

Issues with the widgets:

If this problem is happening to you, there is a fix already to solve the problem (please go to the links to find out),although it will require manual intervention.

To clear the things out, fixes are just that: releases to repair broken things. We’ll take special care to avoid adding anything else. There won’t be new features or functionalities, but bandages for broken code.

Fixes are numbered with a number after oficial release. For example if release is 1.9.25, fixes are like

As always, our apologies for the troubles caused.


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    • February 5, 2015

    I am using a multi-blog installation of WP (with network admin) but because the three sites are essentially the same content but in different languages, I am using just a single gallery. To avoid the %blog_dir% problems, I have changed the database pointer to avoid the $wpdb_prefix and look directly at the single gallery: $wpdb->nggpictures = $wpdb->prefix . 'ngg_pictures'; $wpdb->nggallery = $wpdb->prefix . 'ngg_gallery'; $wpdb->nggalbum = $wpdb->prefix . 'ngg_album'; is now $wpdb->nggpictures = 'wp_ngg_pictures'; $wpdb->nggallery = 'wp_ngg_gallery'; $wpdb->nggalbum = 'wp_ngg_album'; With the update to 1.9.25, a database upgrade was needed and this appears to have succeeded on the one blog but the other two, when I try to apply the upgrade (the galleries are inaccessible until the upgrade is applied) it just hangs with the message "upgrading database" What I have found, is that the links in the menu no longer function (are not even visible) on any of the three sites but opening the gallery from the menu admin page does function on all three sites.

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    • February 20, 2015

    Did you try with last version

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