and 1.9.26 also: what is coming

In few days we’ll release, to address last fixes for the current  (somewhat troubled) 1.9.25 version.

To 1.9.26 there are few news: one is an improvement for Watermark and autocomplete (due thanks Niko Strijbol).

There is another improvement under way, which it will need beta testing: Nextcellent addons. We are currently working to make an stable Nextcellent core, simplified, with  an improved functionality to get a lean plugin, and also an extensible one. There is nothing magic about addons, but for most users it will make the significative difference to jump aboard. Addons is a way to extend Nextcellent in infinite ways.  It will work single site on first betas, however it will be extended to multisite environment. What it’s certain is this feature won’t be on 1.9.26 , since needs a lots of testing, specially for multisite add-ons.

Finally , an ebook for Nextcellent is under way, covering mostly every aspect for Nextcellent. This is a huge effort , to help users to make the most of this plugin, which remains largely undocumented. Although there is a Wiki for Nextcellent, it’s time to go a step beyond and give users something to take really advantage.

Expected worst case scenario: February 25.

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