Nextcellent 1.9.21 just launched. Here are the news

Hi everybody. Nextcellent is rolling out 1.9.21 and it’s celebrating a year few days ago. I want to thank all the users supporting the plugin and for contributing to expand it day by day.

This release is based mostly on work of Niko Strijbol  so we owe a great deal to him!

New: A (very much) improved TinyMCE window.

This improvement was a last-change minute and therefore there is not included (by accident) in the plugin changelog, so it’s a priority to explain it here!

In the WP Editor you’ll see a icon to enable Nextcellent window helper:


to display the usual Nextcellent helper window:



This window has improved a lot in this version, allowing customization before creating the shortcode output. Notice the window has another parameters, you’ll need to scroll it a bit to complete the info required:



New: Support for ngg_styles: in a similar way of NextGen plugin, there is now a chance of saving styles under wp-content/ngg_styles folder, keeping  the customization away from changes and future updates from plugin/themes.

Fix:  when a gallery is deleted, the ID is removed from albums. Previous version ‘forgot’ that leaving a trace of empty albums.

Fix: The uploader did not use the quality set in the options.  (Now it does). Previous version has accidentally hardcoded quality to 100, render the option useless.

The documentation will be updated according new changes as soon as possible.

Leave us your comments on the wordpress forum or improvement suggestions/issues on WPGetReady Support.

Thank you all and have a wonderful day.





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    • October 23, 2014

    Check theme compatibility Missing the call to wp_head() in your theme, contact the theme author This is what it says. I also noticed my phone is not responsive to the theme and the layout looks disoriented

    • Andres Bott
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    • November 10, 2014

    Just wanted to let you know i love the nexcellent plugin, and i really support your cause. latelt i was getting so much errors and trouble with nextgen, i decided not to use it. then i discovert nextcellent !!! YEAHHHH

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