0001 – Day One

This is the day one. I’m going to post one post a day until my death. I choose this as day one  for no reason.  This will be the development diary and I’m pretending to be short and right to the point.

Few things made this day:

  • I updated nextcellent bitbucket,  I missed to update it since the last release. There is so many changes to be focused, so I’m going to see it one by one until everything is ready.
  • An user found a small bug on Statcomm preventing the plugin to clean the data properly. This should be added to next release, thanks to biswajeet for his discovery.
  • I’m starting using UserVoice, to set workflow and to get and give feedback to the community
  • For tomorrow I’m going to pay attention to the wiki I’m building around Nextcellent. Not sure if there will be a wiki for every plugin, but I guess that would be a good idea.
  • Making first List of users working with Mailchimp. I like this service.



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