Nextcellent 1.9.17 launched!

This new version is the result of many contributors, and I guess there will be more in the coming months. So itis appropriate to thank all the people that invested time to fix & improve it the current release:

And also there are many other who they had asked a lot of thing, giving me few more ideas to improve it. If I forgot some of you please forgive me and send me an email.

Ok enough of blah blah, what’s in it for me?

  • Fixes to layout and more (credits to Niko Strijbol)
  • Added ability to change image upload + Ajax (credits to Richard Bale)
  • Russian translation (credits to Vladimir Vasilenko)
  • Finnish translation (credits to Vesa Tiirikainen)
  • Album and gallery template extension (currently in revision, credits to Stefano Sudati)
  • Improved nggtags shortcode implementing Tony Howden’s suggestions  added modes ASC,DESC and RAND

Some of these small features will be explained later in wiki I’m currently working on. I guess it’s time to make a proper documentation. NextCellent provides many, many ways of customization and much more little tips helping you to be more productive.

Stay tuned.


    • Kayla
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    • April 4, 2014

    Hi... I just updated to 1.9.17 and the gallery no longer works. In Safari the pictures just open in the top corner of the browser with no navigation keys and no way to 'escape' back to the gallery. In Firefox they open centered in the browser on a black background with no navigation keys and no way to 'escape' back to the gallery... Obviously this is not a good thing. Is there anything else I needed to do after installing the updated plugin? Thanks!

    • Joris
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    • April 11, 2014

    Dear person, I've encountered a problem with your plugin. As per the last patch it seemed the plugin was bugging: it wouldn't show any other buttons than Tags, Roles and About, in the dropdown menu. I deactivated the plugin, and reactivated it. Since then it has lost all of my old images. It was an image library built up by the old original NextGen gallery plugin, over the past 6 years. I would very much like to get it back, but i don't know how to do this. I'm assuming the pictures or their metadata hasn't been lost, just stored on the server or in the database somewhere, where nextcellent isn't looking for it. Do you have any clues? Kind regards, Joris

    • admin
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    • April 20, 2014

    Please contact me to see details of the problems. Thanks

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