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As many of you may know a new NextCellent version rolled out yesterday! And I was thinking to start this Year right, thanking all the people which made this new version posible.

Foremost, If you are a NextCellent plugin user, you are the single reason why this plugin was made in the first place. So thanks to you and the time you are currently investing to use it, testing and giving feedback to improve it. Many users provided great ideas and suggestions, and also calling attention to diverse incompatibilities with another plugins. That will be the focus of many posts from now on.

For other side, I want to thank Niko Strijbol  collaboration. His suggestions ended up with publishing the plugin on Bitbucket . More of this and their consequences on another post.

Thanks to him,  there is a new German translation, an improved Gallery and Image Management. Such task required tweaks on Javascript, PHP and CSS. It made fine adjustments to the style matching  WP 3.8 new look. Great!

It also took a lot of time answering the forums, this is an important task it took by itself and I do appreciate a lot. So a BIG thanks to him.

I also noticed many users answering questions to the forum. This is great and I do appreciate it a lot! So thanks for to all user contibuting and answering the questions on the forum.

Great! So what can you expect on this release?

First, the plugin should work as expected. Otherwise, go to the forums and tell us what you think. If it is very specific, contact me . I’m here to listen.

Second, I already told about Niko’s work, so it’s an important step ahead.

Third, code has been improved and submitted to revision. There were many things to correct, most of them were subtle, few were serious. In isolated cases, I wondered how the plugin was working in the first place. I should thank PHP and its flexibility. Most of the annoying parts were about invalid calls to static methods when they weren’t static. This behavior was spread along the source code and most of the cases were fixed.

So that’s it. Enjoy the new release and Happy New Year for all of you!

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    • February 24, 2014

    Thanks!!!!! This is my gallery-caption.php with :) <?php /** Template Page for the gallery overview Follow variables are useable : $gallery : Contain all about the gallery $images : Contain all images, path, title $pagination : Contain the pagination content You can check the content when you insert the tag If you would like to show the timestamp of the image ,you can use **/ ?> <div class="ngg-galleryoverview" id="anchor ?>"> show_slideshow) { ?> <a class="slideshowlink" href="slideshow_link ?>"> slideshow_link_text ?> show_piclens) { ?> <a class="piclenselink" href="piclens_link ?>"> description ?> <div id="ngg-image-pid ?>" class="ngg-gallery-thumbnail-box" style ?> > <a href="imageURL ?>" title="caption ?> | alttext ?> | " thumbcode ?> > hidden ) { ?> <img title="caption ?> | alttext ?> | " alt="caption ?> | alttext ?> | " src="thumbnailURL ?>" size ?> itemprop="contentURL" /> alttext ?> caption ?> hidden ) continue; ?> columns > 0 && ++$i % $gallery->columns == 0 ) { ?>

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