NextCellent Gallery Plugin v1.9.15 what’s in it for you?

NextCellent Gallery


Considering that Nextcellent is getting nearly 6000 downloads in the just 3 weeks (266,968 downloads and growing!!!) it wouldn’t be appropriate to say that the NGG overhaul affected just a few.

I really appreciated those users who took the leap of faith testing this plugin. As many people has checked, NextCellent replaces NGG completely and flawlessly (I hope! :)

Let’s see what are the main changes on the current NextCellent version:

* Code simplification: code supporting PHP4 has no use. Deprecated. This is mostly a ‘cleaning operation’. It is likely to affect nobody, since NextCellent works with PHP 5 and above. However the code  warnings were all over and an update was needed.
* Plugin should work with PHP strict standard enabled. This is related with above change.
* Improper call to static functions corrected all over the code. This problem is invisible even with debug enabled, but it would affect all new installations with PHP 5.4 with strict standars enabled. Fixed
* Disabled donator metabox since link is dead. This metabox was linked to older site and currently is dead.

Among those improvements, I’m actively working to convert most plugin portions on manageable classes, improve the code and  user documentation (on progress). This is taking an extra time that I think is worth it to the sake of the users and developers.

As always, if you are/were using NGG and you are planning to test NextCellent, read the FAQ before proceed!!!

Thanks to all and have a great day!

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    • December 17, 2013

    Just curious, how do you insert a gallery in a page, or how do would you preview it. There are no instructions in the plugin. Creation and management for the gallery is excellent. But I think it should be clear how you can use them. [slug=gallery-id ] or something

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