NextCellent Gallery is out!

NextCellent GalleryAs today, few people may know I started working on NextCellent Gallery. In a similar fashion I’ve been working on Statcomm plugin for over 1 year and half, I took a concept and I’ve been working to improve it as much as possible. And something has to be damn right: if it is not working for you, the plugin is pointless.

Something I’ve learned about plugin development in this short 18 months is the best ideas are coming from the community.  Although the developer/s have their own vision about plugin’s fate, community-driven ideas help to shape the plugin to deliver added value.

So here is the start.




  1. I am wondering how I can make the thumbnails bigger like my other site?

  2. admin says:

    Hi there, could you explain the issue a little more?
    Bigger comparing with…?
    Thank you!

  3. We have updated (in forthcoming version 2.03) our Tinydesk: WordPress Blog editor for iPhone to support Nextcellent Gallery. This includes uploading images directly to galleries from iPhone.

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