More than WP_DEBUG

Reading Ten Things Every WordPress Plugin Developer Should Know and also Objective Best Practices for Plugin Development? it came to my mind a couple more things that a seasoned developer should implement:

  • Enabling strict standards: when developing classes, we can make not obvious mistake (like using $this in a static method). Using  ini_set( ‘error_reporting’, E_STRICT ) proved to be very helpful. In fact, current Statcomm (1.7.68) plugin needs (urgently) an upgrade thanks this little tip.
  • Unit Tests: while I’m working to reach a decent level of Continuous Integration , unit test provides a valuable tool to test plugins before launching. I’ve been using a slight modification of WP – Unit but I hope I can move it to TeamCity soon.
  • Refactoring – having a good editor which provides refactor capabilities will help you and other developers to make a clean understandable  code. I’ve been working with many editors and everyone hast its own strengths, but for PHP development, PhPStorm has proven to be one of the best investment I made. I started working with an Open Source Project License and finally ended up buying one license. It’s the finest tool I found in the web.

Better hurry and fix that plugin right away…



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