Statcomm 1.7.40 is out!

This version had many challenges to kept us busy a lot. While Stacomm is expanding , at the same time the possible scenarios are growing faster. It was necessary to devise new strategies to keep the project as simple as possible and also manageable. We expect to publish some thoughts about this subject later.

We also put our efforts on stabilization and bug fixing. This will continue for a couple of versions. Fortunately these actions fixed some issues causing incorrect data caching, which translated in an improved plugin performance. The overview page was improved  a little more, working fast even with massive amount of records (above 200k) in the database table. Even though we’ll try to improve it a little more.

First time, (notice no caching)

First time , no catching, 50 columns report + Maxmind + User Agent Databse activated. Notice queries executed and  cached.

With caching (that should be typical times ) (no kidding)

With caching, 50 columns report + Maxmind + User Agent enabled. This should be typical times (no kidding!)

The new Statcomm functionality, specially the Error Report feature, gave us unexpected results when we tested against several sites. We discovered unusual vector attacks performed with variety of tools. That finding give us news ideas to improve the plugin to detect such situations. Again we’ll comment it in later entries.

Last and not least, to manage all the complexity, we went back and forth between many PHP editors. We gave a chance to  PhpStorm editor from Jetbrains. This tool deserves an extensive analysis because it included so many goodies worth to mention.

The user feedback took a relevant importance in this release. Although we caught many issues in this stage , they provided us very useful clues to find out . Thank you all for your contribution!

Ok , we have a LOT of writing to share, so we’ll try to cover it all.

An user kindly report us the contact page isn’t working properly so if you want to contact us, please use our local forum or the WordPress Repository forum.

If you are enjoying (or suffering) Statcomm, tell us what you think, drop us a line and share your thoughts!

Enjoy the day, and thanks for your feedback, as always.

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