Statcomm 1.7.20 inlcudes multsite, total uninstall and more

In this 17th iteration, StatComm introduces some requested features and few fixes. The key features in this release are:

  •     Multisite: one of the most requested feature was the multisite support. This version was tested on sub domain environments.
Statcomm Network Settings

Statcomm Network Settings

As you may know, multisite configuration shares same WordPress installation and database, and replies some tables for every new subsite you create. Statcomm works in similar fashion. It shares some common data for all network sites (as User Agent database and Maxmind database) and it creates a table for every site on the network. We considered to use only one table, but it would generate performance problems in the long run.

  •     Delete table(s) on uninstall: To be honest, this option should have existed long ago, but with arrival of multisite, this was a must. It is controlled from advanced options tab or from the Network admin dashboard.  Use it with care. In Networked environment it will wipe out all statcomm tables in all sites.
  •     Tabbed option: maybe be it was a simple decision, but the real thing is that advanced options have double purpose. This tab is only available for administrators (no matter what user level you define to access the plugin). Another important distinction  in multisite the advanced option are replicated on the network dashboard and disabled for single sites.
Some Options are only available for Network Admins

Some Options are only available for Network Admins

  •     We fixed a few issues (extended error when Maxmind is unable to download) and improved other areas (unknown countries/ip now have a question mark flag, meaning unknown).

Try it out downloading from WordPress Repository or download page .

Enjoy the day!

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