StatComm 1.7.01 & 1.7.10: a bit of everything

Two versions in a row arrived and we just barely kept up with the changes. Each of them has new improvements you surely would like to know

What are the news on Version 1.7.01

  • New filter added: now you can control/filter what the plugin saves to the database.

The new filter statcomm_preinsert  allows you to filter undesirable or redundant pages to be modified or suppressed at all. There is an example in the forum which shows a case where the filter would be useful.

  • Improved action to control your site traffic: previous version would need Maxmind database installed and activated to make use of statcomm_info action. Although Maxmind is not mandatory anymore, you’ll still need it for geolocalization information.
  • Language detection (this is different of country/ip detection): one new feature added language detection and selection of default user language. Now there is a column language  where the language is stored. This version is not using language for any purpose, but it is available for action and filters.
  • Fix: The plugin should update the database table without need of deactivate/activate.

From version 1.7.10:

  • Lazy cache: this version is the first attempt to improve the overall plugin performance.The cache method was called ‘lazy’ since the plugin stores calculation done at least one time. Maybe isn’t the happiest name and maybe this method has a name already. We know for sure that greatly improve the plugin performance in successive uses.
  • Improve database design: We also found the statcomm table had some flaws inherited from the original statpress plugins table design. The solutions was to convert some fields to fixed size, (such date, ip,time,spider and feed) and also add some indexes to help most common queries. The result was a boosting performance with conservative improvement of 10x-20x on worst-case scenarios. In some servers we observed improvements in order 30x to 60x, falling from 20 seconds to less than 0,5 seconds with 50-column graph and 200k records. These are the results of combining table redesign, indexes and cache system.
  • Error counter in graphics (optional): we also found in some sites the amount of error pages (404 and others) was unusual high, which lead us to page problems with broken links but also several hack attempts. Our first approach is adding a visible way to count daily error hits. In next versions we’ll provide a way to deal with these problems. This is mostly experimental and it has to be enabled form the Option panel.

Optional counting errors (in red)

  • Migration procedure enhanced: in some servers you simply can’t easily migrate to Statcomm. The migration needs some time to do its job, but not every users is allowed to change the time needed to accomplish the task. The migration procedure included on 1.7.10 is capable of warn you this condition. In such cases, the administrators should have to momentarily change the site’s settings to make the migration possible.
  • Query counter /query cached: we added a two counters on the footer. One is to count how many queries makes the plugin and the other how many queries are cached saving time and resources.

Query counter and cached counter, partial caching (complete caching should decrease times to around 2.2 seconds)

Finally,we are happy to see there are many contributors helping us with good ideas to make a better plugin. We hope we’ll find a way to be sure these voices are heard and we appreciate your support. Thank you everyone and enjoy the day.

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