An small tip with StatComm 1.6.90

Statcomm 1.6.90 updates adds a new field to store the status. But the process will run only in the plugin activation process. If you update to 1.6.90 version and the plugin stops seeing incoming visitors, be sure to install the plugin, deactivate and reactivate so the update run smoothly. That should be enough in the 99.9% cases.

Another way is to uninstall the plugin and reinstall it. The current version won’t delete your traffic table data. On activation, the update will add the extra fields.

In (very rare) cases the plugin has not enough permission to alter tables, it is possible to add manually the column statuscode to the end of the (prefix)statcomm, usually wp_statcomm

statuscode varchar(3) default null.

We apologize for the inconvenient and we will solve this issue for the next version.

Thanks for your support and enjoy the day.

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