WordPressReady goes to WPGetReady

Some years ago, the idea of choosing WordPressReady as domain name, seemed to be a good one. But after the awesome growth of WordPress, it turned into a bad decision. Due a trademark problem , be owner a domain with wordpress name on it is a call to headaches.  I received mails from Theme Reviewers, directly from WordPress and also there is a warning when I sign in the WordPress.org plugin forums. Moreover, this site could be related with s-p-a-m-m-y sites and m-a-l-w-a-r-e software related to the trademark. (The statistics produced by StatComm and Akismet seems to confirm that a lot of mal-ware and spa-m is already redirected to the site for such reason). Since we are serious about contributing to WordPress , we considered moving our blog elsewhere.

WPGetReady going up

To avoid being in middle of trademarks issues, we decided to change the domain name to WpGetReady.com. There is nothing there yet. This is an early reminder and we’ll warn you when the switch is flipped.

This was a tough decision, since we went back and forth selecting a new appropriate domain name from the names available (a lot were considered to find that a LOT were already taken) without destroying OUR trademark and site current traffic.

WpGetReady.com will be active from May 1, and we’ll start redirecting the traffic to that site. Three months later  we’ll deactivate WordPressReady.com domain.

The forum will be also redirected, we hope the transition will be smooth. Stay tuned.

Thanks to all & enjoy the day. 

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