The Donation Plugin Project

The Plugin Donation Project

Since we starting developing plugins, we’ve been taking some time looking inside out many open projects and we found some of them worth watching and also a learning experience. We were thinking what could be a way to support all those projects growing around the world.

Being said that, we decided to pick regularly some projects and make a little contribution. Nothing to make anyone rich, but a starting point to make visible unique projects or very useful ones.

We have defined some rules for this event:

  • The project/s to be considered has to be open source, with preference on WordPress plugins.
  • We give preference to newest or starting projects.
  • We give preference to original ideas.
  • Every two weeks, we will pick a particular project, we will analyze it and explaining why it deserves our mention.
  • One analisys will be from 1 to 15 of every month, and the other analysis will be from 16 to end of the month.
  • We will publish our analisys and winners around 15 and 30 of each month.
  • Every project we consider worth it, will receive U$25. Our initial intention is to give U$50 monthly to those projects who we think it deserves.
  • Plugin/projects can receive the donation more than once if there are not contestant or we think the project deserve it.
  • The payment will be done through paypal, so better you have those buttons ready!.
  • Every project/plugin mentioned, will be listed in a special table Awarded Projects/Plugins, linked to our analysis.
  • We reserve the right of reject/accept any suggestions.

We will also raise the number to U$S 100 monthly when StatComm reaches the 20.000 downloads (currently and raising).

What is in it for you?

You have the chance of exposing your open source project/wp plugin and also get a donation! No mistery involved.

Great! I have something to show everybody. Where should I post my project?

If you consider worth to mention, please add a post in the forum we built for this event. Tell us about your work and where can be seen. (forum registration needed)
You can also comment about it on this page also, but is in the forum where you project will be seriously considered.

When is it going to start?

The iniciative it is already started. The project we consider currently is User Agent String project , the reasons should be obvious in the next hours.

Do you know any plugin or iniciative to be considered? Post in the forum!

Thanks to all & enjoy the day.

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