StatComm: what to expect in the incoming version

The next version is arriving, bringing some improvements. Following the schedule , we are mostly working in the stabilization phase.

In this few days since the first release and raising over 500 downloads, a few goals were met, so I decided that it won’t be a 1.6.1 version, jumping ahead to 1.6.2. The code was improved the code a lot, replacing almost all the outdated code. If everything goes as expected, this version will be on the repository within 48 hours. But before that, a bug hunting is taking place, to assure a reliable release.

As mentioned, there are few things improved:

  • Menu is working as expected (that wasn’t obvious but menu was incompatible with WordPress 3.0. Now is fixed)

Menu is working

  • Widget were completely rebuilt making compatible with WP3.0 and up, replacing the deprecated code.
  • Also the Widget StatComm Print now includes a help to deal with many variables:

The widget Print uses variables to control the output

Few answers for those users concerned on the plugin:

  • To Eliza L. the WordPress repository does count how many downloads has every plugin. Download quantity could be a bad indicator to decide which plugin to choose and also is not related with code quality at all. I think a more reliable indicator could be the if the plugin is actively supported and when it was its last update. Thanks for your comments.
  • To Markov N.  the widget error you mention will be fixed in the incoming release. Thanks for your ideas, we’re working on it..
  • To Fernando C.: every version will be released every 1-2 weeks ,that give us time to make the improvements and also collect the feedback. Please take a look of StatComm Roadmap The release date will change slightly according the goals accomplished and when the version is ready, you would see the update from the plugin panel. Thanks for pointing me out.
  • To Roger H. a migration path is scheduled for many Statpress variations, that will be announced in time. The main concern is about huge tables and a proper data migration (and also data filtering). Detailed instructions will come when this feature is ready. Thanks for your concern.

Thanks for your support!

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