Statcomm v1.6.50 is coming

We’ve been collected a few fixes and new features in the incoming version. We also were thinking about releasing a patch, but we decided to release the v1.6.50 which will consolidate fixes a new features.

What is in v1.6.50?

  • Correction to capability feature: a user cannot set a permission level above its current capability. This ‘pseudo-glitch’ allow a user to accidentally set a permission level higher than himself, resulting the user cannot access to the plugin anymore. Big ooops.
  • Uninstall option: v1.6.50 has an uninstall option to delete options value.
  • Restful service handling user agent database updates: there was a major overhaul on the class providing updates to user agent database.
  • Few fixes detected from users.
  • Enhanced user and developer documentation.

We’re expecting to launch the version this weekend , so stay tuned and thanks for your support.


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