StatComm 1.6.2 Released

StatComm 1.6.2 is out

StatComm 1.6.2 is out and you can download directly from the plugin panel or download directly from the downloads page or the WordPress Repository. StatComm has reached 600 downloads so far in the first nine days of life, and we are very happy about it. Thanks for your support!

Following the mapped schedule, this version provides more stabilized code toward next releases. You will see few improvements, since we are collecting feature requests, targetting code enhancements,  and smashing bugs all around. Overall, this steps will impact the future in short term. We are aware the migration milestone is one of the most requested features, but everything has to be in order to proceed. Please be patient.

Also, be aware there was not 1.6.1 version due the amount of changes made were significant, so we jumped directly to 1.6.2.

Few classes were added, the old widget code was (finally) removed, replaced with widget classes. The menu now is WP 3.0 compatible simplifying outdated code here and there. The documentation is growing, and you can find it directly from the Help & Support menu.

What is coming up shortly?

  • Demo site. You will have the chance to test it without installing.
  • Widget improvements
  • More house cleaning
  • More improved documentation, and coming online (wikipedia?) help is under analysis.

Currently we have listed around 46 improvements, which we accomplished 8 of them. Also we have 3 new requests, concerning spiders filtering and SO detecting issues. So far those issues are related to outdated .dat files.

Stay tuned, enjoy the plugin, enjoy your day. 

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