Plugin(s) updated : the reason behind Statcomm 1.6.52 and the incoming 1.6.60

According with the changes we are making to stay free of trademark issues we have just updated our plugins so they now refer to the new domain WPGetReady instead WordPressReady. WordPress has decided to stop linking the sites which has such problems and also de-listing all the plugins that infract its trademark. This rule will be enforced since tomorrow 2012-04-25.

We decided to update our plugins according this decision. Version 1.6.52 of Statcomm does not come with any significant improvement except linking to the new domain which now is working, but there is nothing in it until this weekend. The same applies to Text to Custom Fields 1.1 updated to 1.11

So is it necessary to update the plugin in my blog to Statcomm 1.6.52 or Text to Custom Fields 1.11?

It is optional, but unnecessary. We recommend just wait to next weekend or monday when we expect to deliver the version 1.6.60

So, What’s In 1.6.60 For Me?

StatComm 1.6.60 will introduce Geolocation. We are currently combining two APIS (User Agent String and MaxMind) to get the most accurate and complete info from the incoming traffic. This improvement is opening up the plugin into a new full spectrum of possibilities. You can expect new widgets based in this new capabilities (we’re expecting to release them in versions 1.6.70-1.6.80)

This is a huge improvement, and we are currently making the transition as smooth as possible.

Stay tuned, thanks for you support.,,

And enjoy the day.




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