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Did you know that…?

  • Currently there are aproximately 175 different browsers (included mobile ones) without counting every different version of each browser? In fact, the mobile era brought a new breed of browsers which were added to the always growing browsers list. From Android, passing through Blackberries, Kindle, Motorola, Opera, Nokia, or Polaris to mention a few, the browser business is hotter than ever.
  • There are around 440 different spiders crawling the web 24 hours to get all your blog data indexed? (and not counting different versions of each one!) Rigth now your site is getting indexed thanks to multiples bots scouring the web.
  • There are at least 91 different Operative Systems (without counting service packs or numbering versions)?
  • – There are at least 130  Ip addresses you should ignore when analyzing where your users are coming from?

(Data estimation from User Agent String info)

When you are surfing on the web, you are identifying yourself. Well, sort of. Your browser
is providing some pieces of information to every web site you are visiting such as browser version, your Operative system, your default language, and so on.

But the web is not just users. There are many software all around, crawling the web, collecting information
from here and there. This programs also have its own ‘signatures’ to identify them.  There are spiders, crawlers,
feed readers, scrappers, email clients, libraries, vaidators , even anonimyzers…you name it. Each one is providing a signature with information.

This signature (aka User Agent String) is where StatComm analyzes to provide an accurate vision of incoming traffic. Identify the pieces of information is crucial to understand the traffic.
But here is the problem: every browser has its custom signature and you can expect more and more browsers and new versions in the horizon. That is making  more and more difficult to indentify rightfully the proper signature.

User Agent String Info  to rescue.
The site provides a nice way to give information directly from a UA string, so you can play with the features that site provides.  But there is more: UAS Info has an up-to-date database you can download to analyze incoming UAS and also many programming examples in several languages to test the features yourself.

StatComm currently has implemented a class to retrieve UA database and use this information to provide an accurate view of the incoming traffic.

So we’ve decided that User Agent String Info will be the first winner on the donation project. (More about The Donation Plugin Project here)

Congratulations to Jaroslav Mallat for his commitment work and thanks for your help to make StatComm more accurate.

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