StatComm plugin: First release

StatComm Launch

Today I’m launching the first release of StatPress Community plugin (formerly StatComm), a statistic plugin for WordPress.

StatComm is a major rewrite of StatPress, a common statistics plugin you can find on the WordPress Repository. It will provide in the next versions a way to update from many unsupported StatPress plugins variations. StatComm is currently under development, providing support on WordpresReady site and the WordPressReady Forums.

Familiar user interface

What is in the Release Version.

The first StatComm Release (1.6.0) is including few improvements. If you are a current StatPress users or if you are planning to install a statistics plugin:

  • Familiar interface: it provides usual options menus (Overview, Details, Spy,Search, Export, Options, User Agents)
  • The plugin includes a Help to understand the basic features of this plugin. Please consider take 5 minutes to take a look.
  • First round bug-squashing.

At the code level:

  • OOP Conversion (Object Oriented Programming)
  • Heavy refactoring: no more prefixes all around.
  • Improved code and removed inherited, unused code.
  • Recode to avoid conflicts with other Statpress versions/variations. In fact , this plugin should be running side by side with any Statpress plugin , although this is not recommend for production environments.

WIP (Work In Progress)

I’m will try my best to improve StatComm so the users can take advantage of their data.

To make it happen, I’ve been planning a road map to improve the plugin in the following versions. This roadmap will be released shortly the next week.

Have fun a send feedback in the Forum!

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