Noise-cooler ends his job permanentlyNoise-cooler termina su trabajo permanentemente

I’m sorry if this topic is a little off-topic. Usually all of us (you, me, and every one else working on development) have one or more equipments where we realize our ideas for present and future projects. We are software makers on a Frankenstein’s hardware, configured as our needs.

But sometimes it happen that our tools have their own habits. Our equipment collides with our life .
For example, my main pc has been dragging a noisy habit. As summer begins to feel for this hemisphere, a heat imbalance causes the fan processor emits an intolerable noise above to a normal conversation …

The old fan cooler, with 'wolf complex' (as howling)


So I stop coding and wieghted the options. Some of them were out of scope (using refrigerants are still a little prohibitive for me) and finally got a replacement with appropiate ‘size’.

Asus fan cooler, giant replacementThe replacemente required a completely computer disassembling but my ears are grateful each minute after. By the way, I have learned that the motherboards requires fifteen or more wires to be fully connected. To re-connect thoses wires is a good idea to have a camera with macro to help.

Is easier to replicate the connections instead using a manual ...

Is easier to replicate the connections instead using a manual ...

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