Nextcellent 1.9.25 is coming…


After few months , a new version is coming to the light. Nextcellent addresses new improvements that everybody you should have to be aware.


This version was heavily improved thanks to two contributors:

Frank P. Walentynowicz  addressed fixes with nggtags shortcode and and fixing problems with image manipulation

Saying good bye to Flash for good

Niko Strijbok deserves a special chapter, being the main driving force of the new improvements. He conducted a Beta release , addressing a major modification: replacement of Flash slideshow with a newer and improved css slideshow. In other words, Nextcellent 1.9.23 is the last release using the slideshow flash, saying goodbye to swplayer (which, by the way , it was nearly obsolete nowadays).

What you gain in this update:

+ Fixes
+ Improved WordPress integration
+ Translation updated
+ A new slideshow cross-browser and cross-device compatible.
+ A lot more slideshow transitions to choose from
+ Lighter slideshow.
+ Fixes and improvements
– Some fancy transitions are lost with Flash (for example, a bubble transition isn’t there). However, since new transitions can be implemented, it would be a matter of time to create new transitions Flash-like.


Current slideshow, based on Animation.css provides more of 50 transitions out of the box.


The new slideshow version should replace Flash transitions without hitches. We made many tests to assure the change will be seamlessly, and the impact is minimized. Due the wide spread of the plugin there will be cases which would need tuning. Please go to the forum and post your case if necessary.

What if I want to continue using Flash slideshow?

Although current version won’t handle Flash slideshow, we are adressing this scenario, please continue reading.

1.9.24 -> 1.9.25

The new Nextcellent version has so many improvements that we think it would be wise to skip 1.9.24 altogether and go directly to 1.9.25. So, there won’t be a 1.9.24.
To be honest, this update should be jump straight to 1.9.30…

What’s next?

Nextcellent will continue being compatible with previous version, and currently we are envisioning a way to make it extendable. Following this path, the plugin’s development target will be to make a central core where we can ‘plug’ some add-ons to stop making changes like this version (in an ideal scenario, we just ‘unplug’ Flash slideshow and then ‘plug’ css slideshow. That’s what we’re aiming to).

Next version will be addressing extensibility while keeping back-compatibility. We expect to launch 1.9.25 around june 26th

Have a nice day!

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