Day 0006 – Chapter 2 – Nextcellent 1.9.18 release

After some thoughts, we decided to roll out Nextcellent 1.9.18, which fixes a behavior on the Flash Upload and also a vulnerability.

At the same time , we decided to pospone to the next release a proposal from Marius Dobre which fixes and improves the plugin when WordPress is installed in its own directory. So it is likely there will be another release soon after we polish some concepts included with his idea.

For other side, there are a bunch of requests in a row we have to handle right away.


0006 – Day Five – Merge 2

After working several years with many code repository (from legendary - and not so good - Sourcesafe) , Subversion, Team Foundation Server and now GIT/bitbucket, sometimes is a little mess to switch from one to another (yes, I have some code on … [Continue reading]

0005 – Day Five – Merging

Currently merging work with active developers. Great work of Niko Strijbol making adjustments so Nextcellent starts working flawlessly with WP 3.9. Now, looking Marius Dobre and also Richard Bale sent an improvement. Both things needs testing, … [Continue reading]

0004 – Day four

After correcting a lot of translations and html issues, I started asking myself if would be better to use a template system inside Nextcellent to stop the 'spaghetti code' I'm finding all over. I've been working with Mustache and I found it easy … [Continue reading]

0003 – Day Three

After a warning about a potential bug on the plugin's code, I didn't need too much imagination to figure it out there were many places to make an improvement. So Nextcellent next release has improved security, requiring invest some extra time to … [Continue reading]