Nextcellent 1.9.33: resuming from pause

by admin, 2017/09/23

It there’s been a while since I left Nextcellent almost unsupported, and many things happened in between. My apologies for that. So I decided to make this plugin available again since repository took it down for vulnerabilities problems. In an attempt to make it available, a 1.9.32 was released, but … Continue reading

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Nextcellent 1.9.31 : Fixes for previous version

by admin, 2016/02/09

As you may know, we launched an (much) improved Nextcellent starting on February. 1.9.30 release has an extensive rewriting on the admin area, a hard work made by Niko Strijbol, an old contributor and (now recently) also a Nextcellent Author. This version worked right from the box, however it affected … Continue reading

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Nextcellent 1.9.27 is out!

by admin, 2015/10/02

After several, several months we are publishing a new Nextcellent version. And when I’m saying ‘we’ I’m referring also Niko Strijbol which carried much of the job, fixing issues , refining code and making improvements. From this version I’m including Niko as a Nextcellent author, a position he rightly earned. … Continue reading

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Nextcellent Guide Release

by admin, 2015/04/14

It took more time than I anticipated, but finally I released the Nextcellent Guide for everyone. I’m currently sending this first version to a small group of selected users to make a review. If you want to download it, please make click on the sidebar to the right of the … Continue reading

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1.9.26 Nextcellent release

by admin, 2015/03/27

After one month of activity, we launched a new Nextcellent release. Some of the work went to an improvement (beter watermark options ,credits by Niko Strijbol) and few fixes on the albums. However, what it consumed most of the time was the soon-to-release Nextcellent Reference Guide.  If you are interested, … Continue reading

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