0001 – Day One

This is the day one. I’m going to post one post a day until my death. I choose this as day one  for no reason.  This will be the development diary and I’m pretending to be short and right to the point.

Few things made this day:

  • I updated nextcellent bitbucket,  I missed to update it since the last release. There is so many changes to be focused, so I’m going to see it one by one until everything is ready.
  • An user found a small bug on Statcomm preventing the plugin to clean the data properly. This should be added to next release, thanks to biswajeet for his discovery.
  • I’m starting using UserVoice, to set workflow and to get and give feedback to the community
  • For tomorrow I’m going to pay attention to the wiki I’m building around Nextcellent. Not sure if there will be a wiki for every plugin, but I guess that would be a good idea.
  • Making first List of users working with Mailchimp. I like this service.



Nextcellent 1.9.17 launched!

This new version is the result of many contributors, and I guess there will be more in the coming months. So itis appropriate to thank all the people that invested time to fix & improve it the current release: Niko Strijbol for his … [Continue reading]

NextGen Public Uploader working with NextCellent


I've received a bunch of requests saying many plugins (which they were working with NextGen) are now failing to work with NextCellent. Those plugins are adding extra functionality to the normal plugin behavior. So I've decided to invest some time … [Continue reading]

NextCellent 1.9.16 is out!

Thanks! As many of you may know a new NextCellent version rolled out yesterday! And I was thinking to start this Year right, thanking all the people which made this new version posible. Foremost, If you are a NextCellent plugin user, you are the … [Continue reading]

NextCellent on BitBucket

After an user suggestion, I decided to publish NextCellent code on BitBucket. It took me a while , because although  I got used to work with SubVersion,  and wasn't versed on Git/Mercurial and I wanted to know more about it.  The Bitbucket Import … [Continue reading]